The Network

The network of young researchers at the ARFDM was formed in 2001 for the Seminar on Medical Law.

It includes researchers lawyers and doctors and professionals graduates of medical law or law of Health, who are willing to share their interest in medical law, or for projects and multidisciplinary multicenter, or for writing articles or Book cooperative.

They agreed al'ARFDM and use library resources and networks in connection with the ARFDM. Their commitment is voluntary, they contribute through their work at the enrichment resource materials and references to the ARFDM.

The members of the ARFDM supervise, and facilitate their contact with teams of scholars in France and abroad.


Curriculum Vitae of network members:







The Forum

Every year, a forum is being organized under the News Seminar on Medical Law. A unifying theme is chosen and the best job is assigned a distinction.

The events and prizes awarded at these events are listed in the Grants and Prices